Realliant is a non-profit company that helps companies to acheive savings in any way possible. 

We refuse to let companies overpay for any services. We use our pool of small business owners to drive prices down for small, medium and large business owners.

We receive donations from business owners;  our services are free of charge to find competitive prices for companies, and keep them on the same network!

Realliant is brilliant for contacting companies, doing research and negotiating better prices with our business partnership leverage. 

Stay on the same network with "Better Pricing"

Authorized Sales Agent


We Call

We Research

We Save You Money!

  • Rates change daily; locking yourself into a contract will lock you out of savings!
  • Are you loyal to your phone company? Are you loyal to your savings?
  • No matter what size your business is, we will work to find you savings year round.


Why Phone Companies Can No Longer Have a Monopoly